Giving Options

Giving Options

Thank you for your support to St. Paul Lutheran Church.  Because of your financial support and generosity, you have planted the seeds that will enable St. Paul Lutheran Church to grow in the community, and provide a church home for you and others. 

There are several ways to donate to St. Paul Lutheran Church:

  •  Electronic Gifts

1. Online Giving – We offer safe and secure online giving via; electronic check, debit or credit card. 

 Click Here to Give Online

2. Gifts of Securitiesstocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. 

Use this sample letter to send transfer instructions to your securities broker.  Once St. Paul is notified that a gift has been transferred to its brokerage account, the security will be liquidated. 

3. In-Kind Gifts – see bulleted list below...

You may give a multitude of in-kind gifts to St. Paul Lutheran Church through our in-kind gifting partner iDonate.  iDonate will process your donation, return a receipt to you for tax-deduction purposes, and transfer the cash (less transaction costs and fees) to St. Paul—all within 30 days of iDonate receiving the gift. 

Click  to get started.

 Types of in-kind gifts accepted are as follows:

    • cash balances of $15 or more on gift cards
    • vehicles (cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, industrial vehicles, and boats)
    • electronics (cell phones, laptops, GPS, tablets, and other small, light, recent-model electronics)
    • business inventory (items carried on the balance sheet of a business as inventory)
    • commodities (e.g., grain, beef, gold, oil, natural gas)
    • jewelry, machinery, and other items with marketable value


  • Check or Cash

Checks or cash in envelopes not designated for a specific gift category will be used to fund the general operations of the congregation.  Following are ways to give a donation by check or cash:

1. During the Worship Offering
2. In the Church Office
3. Mailed to:

St. Paul Lutheran Church
c/o Finance Office
777 West San Antonio Street
New Braunfels, TX  78130