St. Paul New Braunfels

Frequently asked questions about der Elefant (Momentum)

What are we doing? We are shifting the way we as a congregation teach and live out Biblical stewardship. This is not just a “new program” it is a shift. (when you get new furniture or a new car, or go from middle school to high school that is a “new program.” When you get married or have a baby, that is a shift).

How will this all work? The main tool we are using to help us shift is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course. This is a 9 week, biblical course that teaches people how to manage money God’s way. Each session is 90 minutes long. FPU is designed for couples, but individuals may participate also. The cost is $100 per family; upon completion of the course you will receive a $20 cash rebate. Learn more at:

Why should I participate? That’s a great question, one you have to answer by listening honestly to the Lord and humbling yourself. Here’s how some have answered: “To be an example and help others.” “Because even though I won’t admit it, we pretty much live paycheck-to-paycheck.” “Because our congregation has a vision to help families follow Jesus and this course helps them do just that.” “Where my treasure is, there my heart will be also. If I’m undisciplined with money, that really means my heart is undisciplined.” “To encourage others.”

• How will this affect our current programs? Most of our programs and relationships (small groups, Sunday School classes) will continue, but the content will shift to a Financial Peace based curriculum. Some programs – like “Breaking Bread” and the Women’s Retreat pause for 9 weeks to focus on this. Your existing small group or Sunday School class is encouraged to use FPU as your curriculum for the nine weeks. Our desire and prayer is that our whole congregational family focus on God’s ways for handling money. We’re in this together.

• When will this happen? FPU Courses will start January 15, 2017 and run for 9 weeks. The course will be offered on multiple days of the week, including Sunday mornings. Pastor Paul and Pastor Chip will also preach a 6 week sermon series beginning on January 8.

• Where will classes and events be held? On our campus, 181 South Santa Clara.

• What will be different after der Elefant (Momentum)? That’s another great question; and the answer depends on how in-tune we are with the Lord. Hopefully we will no longer be uptight or afraid to speak about money. We will have a common culture and common language of Biblical stewardship. We will understand that God owns it ALL and we are his managers, called to use it his way for his glory. Hopefully, parents will have the money elephant off their back and be more available to each other and their children. Additionally, the average couple who completes the course and implements the teaching experiences an $8,000 positive change in their financial position within the first 6 months. (An $8,000 return on an $80 investment… that’s pretty good)

Der Elefant is German for “the elephant.” For many people, the elephant in the room is finances and debt. 70% of our community lives paycheck to paycheck; on top of that another 14% are broke, not making ends meet… that’s 84% of our community living with a big elephant in their living room.