St. Paul New Braunfels


You and I live in this world with Christ as our Lord and Champion. Until He returns or we die, this life is a battle between God and Satan... and our lives are the torn-up turf of the battlefield. We have no reason to fear or retreat and every reason to confidently call on our Lord in prayer. I invite you, therefore, to begin 2020 in three days of prayer with me, calling on our gracious Heavenly Father. For three days, January 5, 6 and 7, join our congregation and thousands of others around the world from our association (Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ) for intentional prayer for ourselves, our churches, and our world. Each day there is a theme to take to our Lord in prayer. God is knocking on your heart… and He is already listening…Let’s pray.

2019 Annual Report

3 Days of Prayer Guide

2018 Annual Report

A New Mindset

Romance and Repentance

Breaking Bread Together