Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Faith Formation


“Parents are the face of God for their children.”     - Martin Luther

If you are a parent, there is no more powerful pulpit than your dinner table or your child’s bedside with you as the preacher and teacher. 

One of our priorities at St. Paul is to support parents in raising their children to be lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ. With that conviction, our programs, pastors, and staff provide support from birth through adulthood to help you and your family follow Jesus.

How do we do this?   

We EQUIP Parents!

The first part of the process is our Faith Stepping Stones.  These short courses are built around eight crucial moments in parenting and teaches daily prayer and Bible study in the home. It provides faith-based parenting education from cradle to graduation.


The second part of the process is Small Groups on both Sundays and Wednesday evenings.

We have studies for all ages and encourage you to get equipped through God's word.