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Families & Youth Ministry


Within our congregation’s larger mission of making disciples, we believe that parents are the key adults in their children’s lives.  The Bible is really clear about this (Deuteronomy 6:6-7Psalm 145.3-7, and Ephesians 6.1-4). As Martin Luther puts it: “Parents are the face of God for their children.”

Therefore our primary objective is to support parents in the calling to raise their children as lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ. If you’re a parent looking for a congregation where you can drop your kids off and get them “done” by someone else, we’re probably not the congregation for you.  But if you believe God has put you in place as his face for your kids, we love to help you put your best face forward… the face of God.

The practical strategies we practice to help parents raise their children as lifelong followers of Jesus include:

Faith Stepping Stones: systematic, small group, short term-long haul courses for parents and their kids from birth through high school graduation.  Each mini-course is timed around a developmental milestone in your child’s life (and around hormonal changes in the lives of parents AND kids).  These include:

Raising a Healthy Baby: taught by Dr. Sarah Canion, MD., Stephen & Autumn Stehling, Chris and Melissa Ewald, and Pastor Paul Owens. Three (3) sessions on physical, emotional and spiritual needs of infants and their parents. Parents are also taught how to do a nightly blessing as a family faith practice. This class includes education for parents preparing to baptize their babies.

Raising a Healthy Preschooler: sponsored in partnership with our Preschool ministry; three (3) sessions on physical, emotional and spiritual needs of preschoolers and their parents. Parents are taught to add prayer to the nightly blessing as a faith practice. Teachers: Michelle Rivera, St. Paul Preschool Director; and Pastor Paul.

My Bible: a seven week Bible overview for parents and their third-graders. This course helps parents understand the Bible and integrates daily Bible reading into your home. Taught by Pastor Paul and lay teachers.

Holy Communion Instruction: a five week course for parents and 4th graders. This course covers from Passover to Lord’s Supper, with nightly confession and absolution added to the faith practices of Bible reading, Highs & Lows, prayer and blessing. Offered during Lent each year. Taught by Pastor Chip and lay teachers.

How to Survive Adolescence: this course for middle schoolers and their parents presents and integrates faithful practices that will help families successfully navigate the changing and sometimes tricky waters of the early teenage years.  Also introduces our ministry with middle school families. Taught by Pastor Chip and lay teachers.

Confirming my Faith: fall of ninth grade, four (4) sessions where youth and parents look at their confession, their confirmation, and their call. Taught by Pastor Chip and lay Teachers.

Graduation: three (3) sessions spread over the fall, winter, and spring where seniors and their parents look back on God’s blessings, look to the moment, and look to the future of their new callings. Taught by Corbee Wunderlich Executive Director for
Secondary Education at Comalisd.

Home devotions/Bible reading: we provide Egermeier’s Bible Story Book for any family that desires to use this excellent tool for Bible study fellowship at home and wherever you go.  We also provide online devotions, Portals of Prayer booklets, and other resources.  You can subscribe to Pastor Paul’s video and written daily devotion here.


Head 2 Heart Middle School Ministry: Sometimes the longest, most dangerous and wonderful journey can be the 18 inches from your head to your heart.  In the 7th and 8th grade years, we come alongside parents and offer a relational system that includes home Bible reading and prayer, small groups, loving adults and peers, Bible and theology and history and service and fellowship.  Our primary teachers are parents and loving, gifted adults and our curriculum is the Bible and Luther’s Small Catechism… with a multi-media, engaging delivery format.  If you’d like more information about getting from your head to your heart with Jesus, please email us with “Head 2 Heart” in the subject line.

Senior High Ministry:

Apologetics: wondering how you will stay or become a Christian in a world that can be adversarial to our faith in Jesus?  Our Sunday morning senior high sessions are focusing on why we believe what we believe… how science and the Bible contribute to our faith… and how we calmly, confidently state the case for what we believe.  For more information, please email us to send a request with “Senior High Ministry” in the subject line.

Remember the Alamo? Really. When it comes to youth and family ministry and Christian education, we encourage parents to do what those 183 men at the Alamo did when called on: step forward…. and strive to keep the promises they made before God when they baptized their children. You are the right ones for the job… and we’re happy to help you be the best parent you can be.


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